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About Steelshark

Steelshark sells environmentally friendly fishing weights made of stainless steel.

Steelshark is based in Schnaitsee, a small town in the south of Germany.

Steelshark was founded by Maximilian Turba and is a european trademark.


Why Steelshark?

Steelshark Fishing Weights
    • High quality
    • Environmentally friendly and no risk to health
    • Corrosion resistant to fresh and salt water
Lead and tungsten hazards

Currently fishing is mainly done with lead or tungsten fishing weights. In Europe, 7,000 tons of fishing lead are released into the environment every year Lead kills millions of animals every year. Tungsten is also suspected of being harmful to human and animal health. Researchers warn of an increasing release into the environment.

How to get our fishing weights

Private customers can purchase Steelshark fishing weights via the online shop or our sales partners.


Business customers can request a non-binding offer.